Intel getting ready to release Thunderbolt dev kits

You might have a Thunderbolt port on that snazzy new MacBook Pro, but there’s probably not too much you can do with it—yet. Intel’s getting ready to change that though. Thunderbolt dev kits will be available later this quarter, according to a recent announcement.

According to Intel, the kits will help decrease the time needed to create Thunderbolt compatible devices in the future.

What does that mean for us? Thunderbolt should be everywhere in a matter of time, especially in Apple products. When a port lets you transfer 10 GBPS bi-directionally, it’s to be expected. Thunderbolt users can transfer a Blu-Ray video across a connection as well as transfer files in the opposite direction, at the same time. That means one port can handle a monitor, hard drive, and other peripherals at the same time.

USB’s days are clearly numbered. We welcome our new Thunderbolt overlords here at Macgasm.

Article Via MacNN

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