Instafocus: A Beautiful Way To Browse Instagram

Want to browse images on Instagram but aren’t a fan of the standard Instagram app? We don’t blame you and neither do the developers of Inastafocus. Instafocus is a great new app that allows users to browse Instagram photos in a beautiful new format. Instafocus features a new and fresh design that almost reminds me of a Windows Phone 7 app because of the large text, oversized buttons and left to right scrolling. And while Instafocus won’t allow you to upload pictures to Instagram via their app, you can view, like and comment on photos through Instafocus. You can also share photos you have viewed on Instafocus with your Twitter and Facebook followers/friends by using the share button under each photo.

Not only can you view photos from your feed with Instafocus, but you can also go into “Showcase” mode. Showcase allows you to view a huge feed of Instagram photos that is constantly being updated. This is nice if you like finding new people to follow in Instagram and enjoy viewing new art. You can also search for photos as well as look at featured photos within Instafocus.

While Instafocus is free at first, you can buy extra features by donating an amount of your choice to the developer via an in-app purchase. Some of these features include the ability to view your Instagram feed within Instafocus and remove ads. Click the link below this post to download Instafocus for yourself.


Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.