Inforgraphic: Chrome 19 Fastest Mac Browser, Internet Explorer 10 Fastest For Windows

The web performance firm New Relic has made an infographic showing the fastest web browsers on the market. They’ve broken the infographic up into four parts: Windows, OS X, Desktop and Mobile. Not only is the infographic well laid out, but it also shows us some pretty surprising results as well. For instance, Microsoft has a shoddy reputation when it comes to web browsers; however, Internet Explorer 10 did quite well in these tests. Heck, it was the fastest browser for Windows.

Even weirder, Blackberry 10’s web browser is the fastest mobile web browser overall. The Blackberry browser didn’t win by a small margin either. It totally smoked the competition by over two full points. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t expect this as the Blackberry web browser was barely usable before Blackberry 6 was released last year.

If you’re curious, the fastest Mac web browser was Chrome 19, though Chrome 23 was released today. The fastest overall web browser was Chrome 19 for Linux. If you’d like to see all of the results, we’ve embedded the full infograph above.

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