Incidents Of Snapchat Spam Increase Over Weekend, Company Apologizes

Coming off the heels of Snapchat’s massive 4.6 million user information leak, Snapchat encountered another slight problem this weekend.

A high number of users reported receiving what Snapchat refers to as “Snap Spam” over the weekend, which simply means spam sent over Snapchat. This can come in the form of receiving friend requests from suspicious unknown names or from receiving strange Snaps from unknown users that include something like a phone number to call.

Today Snapchat made an official blog post addressing the issue. The company says the increase in spam doesn’t seem to be related to the recent info leak:

We’ve heard some complaints over the weekend about an increase in Snap Spam on our service. We want to apologize for any unwanted Snaps and let you know our team is working on resolving the issue. As far as we know, this is unrelated to the Find Friends issue we experienced over the holidays.

While we expect to minimize spam, it is the consequence of a quickly growing service. To help prevent spam from entering your feed, you can adjust your settings to determine who can send you Snaps. We recommend “Only My Friends” :)

We appreciate your patience and we’ll keep you posted.


Team Snapchat

Spam on Snapchat could become quite a deterring factor for users if it becomes more and more common. Just be wary if you ever get a Snap from someone claiming to be a Nigerian prince.

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