iLovehandles: Turn your new Nano into a watch


A lot of people on Twitter have been joking about turning their brand new iPod Nano into an iWatch. It isn’t at all surprising, considering Apple designed a shiny new analog clock for the lock screen on the Nano.

Up until now you had to fashion your own wrist straps. This is where iLoveHandles comes in to play, for $19.99 you can now purchase a wrist strap for your Nano. We’ve got a feeling that these things might just take off. What do you think, worth $19.99? Would you even wear one of these things?

I wonder how long it takes until designer labels start selling $200.00 wrist watches for the Nano.

Update: iLoveHandles is getting pounded by traffic. Their site might be a little bit slow to load.

Article Via UberGizmo

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