iHome announces the tear-worthy iP4 boom box

I love, love, love technology. I yearn for living on the bleeding edge. Every now and then though, I am up for a bit of nostalgia, and the convergence of the two can bring tears of joy to my eyes. Such is the case with the announcement of the iP4 boombox from iHome.

First, full disclosure. I am a major iHome fan. My house is filled with their products from top to bottom. That being said, this endorsement would have come even if a company I couldn’t stand dropped the iP4.

The iP4 is basically the classic boombox re-imagined. It takes design cues directly from the ghettoblaster of the past, but with obvious differences and enhancements, the most obvious being the iPhone dock which sits center stage. The dock is flexible, a feature iHome introduced a few years back to help eliminate the need for inserts to accommodate different iPod / iPhone models.Like any good boombox, the iP4 operates on 6 D-Cell batteries, as well as the included AC Adapter so you can project your audio swag unto the masses while on the go, or anywhere you can find an outlet. When you choose to unleash the auditory fury, you are sure to be the source of a lot of annoyance with the iP4’s SRS TruBass signal processing feeding its two 4-inch carbon composite woofers.

The iHome iP4 is available for purchase directly from iHome’s website, though there are only 3D mockup drawings currently displayed. Interestingly, one of the mockups shows the packaging design, which sports complete 80’s retro styling. The price tag rings in at $199.99 and the iP4 is available in two colors:  Black and Pink!!??

I am completely in love with this device and can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’m even thinking about breaking out my roller skates and bumping the soundtrack to “Breakin” while skating up and down my street.

iHome: iP4

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