iFixit rips apart a shuffle: Not much to see here

The less that goes into these things, the more room there is for cheaper devices, or higher profit margins, depending what side of the device you’re sitting on. This time around Apple’s created a pretty simple iPod shuffle, and as iFixit found out, it’s going to be pretty difficult for enthusiasts to fix the device themselves. It’s as barebone as an MP3 player can be these days.

On top of the simplicity of the device, they’ve also noted some particularly bad things about the iPod shuffle:

  1. You essentially have to break it to open it.
  2. The battery is soldered to the logic board, making replacement that much more difficult.
  3. Apple keeps shrinking connectors. These super-small cable connectors are increasingly difficult to open without breaking them.

We may just be at that junction where it’s now cheaper to replace an iPod Shuffle than it is to fix the thing yourself. It’s both a positive and a negative. More of these things might end up in a landfill because of a bad battery that’s impossible to replace. It’s not exactly green of Apple to think in these terms, but not many people will be complaining because they cost only $49.00.

Article Via iFixit

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