iCloud teaser page live as Apple wraps up WWDC keynote

Apple has just launched the teaser page for iCloud.  The page offers a complete overview of the service and comes complete with clever animations depicting content being beamed around your digital world!

iCloud, which will be released this fall to the masses alongside iOS5, allows you to sync your content between all of your devices, including your PC. This marks the end of the MobileMe service, as its features are rolled into iCloud for free including: Contacts, Calendar and Mail.

Along with these familiar features, some new faces emerge with iCloud as well.

  • iTunes in the Cloud lets you download your music once and sync it across all of your devices automagically.
  • Photo Stream caches a copy of your latest photos and syncs them.
  • Apps and Books also get the iCloud treatment.

We all had a hunch iCloud was coming, and that hunch was all but confirmed with the purchase of iCloud.com by Apple.  Now though, we have pretty graphics and lots of info to drool over until the launch date this fall.


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