How Much Web Data is Created Every Minute? A Lot More Than You’d Think

With 2.1 billion users on the web and counting, you would probably expect there to be a ton of web content produced every minute, but it’s probably even more than you think. In the infographic above from ultralinx, you can see some interesting stats on how much data is created on the web: from the number of iOS apps downloaded to the number of emails sent. Just think, about 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute!

While these numbers may seem high, they’re growing rapidly. The global Internet population grew just over 6.5 percent from 2010. Another 217 new users enter the mobile web every minute — a product of the rapid growth of the smartphone.

So after you’ve read these stats for yourself, think about how much you contribute to them. It’s pretty crazy to think about what we’ve contributed just by posting this blog post to the web…

Source: Ultralinx
Image Credit: Ultralinx

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