If you’re hoping for NFC in the iPhone 5, you may be out of luck

It was a bit of a stretch to begin with, but now it’s sounding a little more official: NFC will not be making an appearance in the iPhone 5 according to sources “familiar with the matter.”

According to the Independent, Apple has been letting industry players know in meetings that NFC won’t be included in the upcoming iPhone offering due to the lack of a standard throughout the industry. But, in true Apple fashion, they have also allegedly let it be known that they’re working on their own implementation of the ‘wave and pay’ technology. It’s largely expected that Apple’s offering would link payments directly through iTunes to customer accounts.

While there are NFC chips in some phones, notably the Nexus S, widespread adoption of NFC in retail outlets has yet to occur. It would make little sense for Apple to use a payment system that only a portion of their customers could benefit from.

That being said, it is believed that NFC market could hit €110bn by 2015. Should that happen, there would be a greater potential for NFC in iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 than there would be for Apple’s next iPhone offering.

Article Via The Independent
Photo Credit: Fututech

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