Hong Kong, South Korea among countries to get iPhone 4S November 11th

Apple revealed that November 11th will be a huge day for the iPhone 4S. The device will become available in 15 new countries, including Hong Kong, Greece, and South Korea, and increasing the international reach of our favorite fruit branded company’s newest device.

This is a hard launch and in typical fashion, preorders begin in advance. Customers in a few of the 15 new countries can begin preordering on November 4th. If you’re lucky enough to live in Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania or South Korea, you will have the option of knowing if you’ll be happy on launch day or not.  If you live in the other 6 countries, you will probably end up having to get in line.

This rollout will bring the total number of countries carrying the iPhone 4S to 44, with the plan of increasing that number to 70 by the end of the year. Seventy sounds like a crazy number to achieve with shortages still affecting North American supply. We’ll keep you updated and let you know if Apple can reach that goal.

Source: Apple Press Release

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