Hide When You’re Typing On iMessage With This Jailbreak App

While that bubbly little ellipsis that pops up when someone is typing in iMessage can occasionally be useful information, it can also function as a terribly annoying enemy.

There have been numerous times where a friend and I will have started typing at the same time and once we see the other person’s gray typing bubble, we’ll each stop typing in order to let the other speak. This results in no one sending a message and both of us wondering what it was the other person was going to say.

I also often find myself spending too much time crafting messages to certain people, far too much time that I would want any other human being to know. It also may or may not be true that I will occasionally go into notepad, write and edit my message there first, then copy and paste it into iMessage so that it seems like I busted it out in a few quick seconds.

If you are at all like me, (Man do I seriously hope I’m not the only one that does this) the tweak for jailbroken phones TypingPrivacy has you covered. The app adds a new toggle in the messages settings that allows you to turn off typing notifications. Simply look it up in the Cydia app store (or click here if you’re on your iPhone) and download it for $0.99.

I wasn’t planning on jailbreaking my phone, but its tweaks like this that push me closer to the edge.

Image Credit: iDownloadBlog

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