Here’s a nifty little analog video mixer for your iPhone

If you’re into doing fun little video projects with your iPhone, you may want to check out The LOVE BOX Video Mixer for iPhone. There’s only 17 available on Etsy.

The mixer was built to help videographers record both a front and back shot at the same time, using the rear facing camera on an iPhone 4/4S.

From the creators:

The product was conceived in Paris, whilst recording a documentary about love and love after love (named “THE LOVE BOX Conversations”). We wanted to find a way to film conversations among two people with one single iPhone, in a non disruptive way. And that’s how we came out with the idea of mounting a mirroring system in front of the phone’s camera.

How can we not post about a genius, low-fi solution to a problem like the LOVE BOX Video Mixer? It kind of reminds me of that time I built a ghettoprompter (video teleprompter) out of some wood and plexiglass. Anyway, the LOVE BOX Video Mixer is available on Etsy for €40,68 ($53.34 USD).

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