Help Apple Make Maps Good, Apply To Be A ‘Ground Truth Manager’

With numerous horror stories and bad press surrounding Apple’s Maps app, the company has certainly struggled with its most recent controversial release. As swarms of people have shifted back to the comfort of Google Maps, Apple has stated that it wants to greatly improve its Maps app. But before Apple can make enhancements, it must first patch up the leaks in what has been a continuously sinking ship for the company.

Apple has placed several job postings on its website in search of “Ground Truth Managers”. These employees are tasked with exactly what their title suggests, finding truth on the ground. These managers will lead teams across their specified regions to compare the data Apple has for its maps with what actually exists in the real world. This is done to correct any problems such as old and outdated street information, which can lead to people having bad user experiences with the app.

Apple had already posted a job opening a month ago for a ground truth manager position in Australia after having a number of highly publicized problems with mapping in the country. Now, however, the company has positions all across the globe in order to improve the accuracy of Maps.

If you know a lot about geography and mapping, you can apply here to help Apple manage the truth. If you can handle it.

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