You should be hearing from Apple about your Bumper refund right about now.

Apple announced that their fix for the over-hyped antennagate would be shipping out free bumpers to people who’ve purchased an iPhone 4 through to the end of September. But, no one knew exactly how the refund process would happen.  It seems like Apple has already started sending out refunds, letting people know via email that they’re also being refunded for the VAT and shipping charges that consumers incurred from the purchase of a bumper.

From the emails, “As of today, we have automatically processed your refund. You have also been refunded for any Shipping or VAT charges that may have been applied to your order.” There’s been no mention of when the free bumper program would be up online, or how they intend to meet the demand for the cases and bumpers. We’d expect to hear from Apple in short order regarding their bumper program. If refunds are already being sent to customers, the bumper giveaway can’t be far around the corner.

Article Via Information Week
Tweet Via RazorianFly

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