HBO Brings ‘A La Carte’ Game Of Thrones, Other Shows To Google Play

HBO has decided to bring its lineup to Google Play.  Episodes of Game Of Thrones, Newsroom, and others are available for purchase “a la carte” in the US.

The Google Play team published the news on its Google+ Page yesterday:

HBO is coming to Google Play! Starting today, you can get Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Newsroom and other HBO favorites on Play: US- Over the next few months, we’ll be adding more of their incredible series, films, documentaries and more. Stay tuned!

Of course, most of HBO’s lineup is already available on iTunes. Engadget is reporting that HBO episodes will be available for between $2.00 and $3.00, and entire seasons can be purchased in full for between $19.00 – $29.00. As a point of contrast, episodes of Newsroom are available on iTunes for 3.49 per episode, and the entire season is available in HD for $33.99.

So basically, Google Play has caught up with iTunes when it comes to offering HBO content. We’re still holding out hope that HBO will offer web-only, Apple TV subscriptions directly so we can cut the cable indefinitely.

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