Happy Bidding, fellow WoW Players!

Heavenly news for all World of Warcraft players utilizing the Armory iPhone app! The newly released Auction House addition was announced and will soon go live!

The Armory app was updated recently and will soon feature a section for the auctioneers that will allows us to check auctions on our WoW accounts. While it will take a $3 monthly service fee to go in and create new auctions, it’s still an amazing convenience

Some people are skeptical about the $3/monthly fee, but Blizzard loyals have proven its worthy for the small price. And this is also a big step in a more mobile gaming front. While newer Apple products like the iPad or even the iPhone 3GS are unable to natively run the hugely popular MMORPG game, these little features like being able to buy, create, and check up on your auctions without logging in from your computer are a big step in the right direction.

This will be huge for people who utilize their auctions for their gold incomes as you can check on bids and even manage your auctions if somebody is trying to undercut you while you’re offline. Good luck, fellow auctioneers, and happy auctioning once this drops! Here’s to hoping your significant other isn’t mad that now WoW has officially overcome your entire life now! :)

News via WoW Armory.

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