Handbrake now comes with 64bit goodness.


A couple of days ago I downloaded Handbrake for my laptop. It was a while since I’ve downloaded it last and I nonchalantly downloaded a 64-bit version, thinking nothing of it. Turns out 64-bit handbrake is brand spanking new.

I’ve been spending a lot of time ripping my DVDs lately, trying to get the on my Mac Pro so I can stream them to my Mac Mini attached to my TV. The college chic of having a billion DVDs on a shelf is getting a little stale. If you need to get your DVDs in a digital format so you can put your discs in storage than handbrake is the first thing you need to take a look at, it’s the gold standard in DVD ripping on the Mac.

The 64-bit version has a bunch of interesting new features that are a little too complicated for me to grasp, but if you’re into the minutae details of video archiving then you’ll benefit from checking out their change log.

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