Grand Central Apple Store confirmed for December 9th

Apple has finally confirmed the grand opening date of its highly hyped retail store in Grand Central Station in NYC. The confirmation comes by way of a message displayed on the now famous flip style ticker display out front of the new location.

The message reads:

Apple Store Grand Central. Arriving Friday December 9.

Marco Arment was able to snap and tweet a photo of the updated message on the sign.

The process of opening this new location hasn’t come without its share of debate. Many are crying foul over supposed preferencial treatment given to Apple, which wasn’t mirrored to other retailers who’ve attempted to open Grand Central locations, or the current tenants. State officials are still investigating reports but it doesn’t appear to be putting a halt to the opening of the location.

Apple is rumored to have snagged quite an impressive deal for the highly desirable space in Grand Central. Numbers as low as $60 per square foot have been muttered while other retailers can expect to pay $200 per square foot for the same space. Another unusual term negotiated is that Apple will not have to share any revenue with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, arguing that the presence of an Apple Store will increase foot traffic in the terminal, increasing the MTAs revenues organically.

The MTA has also attempted to cool down the situation by pointing out Apple’s contributions to infrastructure updates within Grand Central Station, which include the addition of elevators to help consumers navigate throughout the location.

Apple’s sales expectations at the Grand Central location are in the $100 million range.

 Source: TNW
Photo Credit: @MarcoArment 

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