GoPro iOS App Gets Updated, Makes It Easy To Watch And Share Videos

As you can tell by doing a quick YouTube search, the GoPro is pretty awesome. It records beautiful looking action videos from a first person perspective, and it has pretty much become the standard for any athlete trying to record footage of themselves. The Go Pro companion app for iOS has now been updated to let users do even more with their GoPro. Users can now stream and watch video from their GoPro directly on their iPhone, and can then save the video onto their phone itself, all through Wi-Fi.

Now after you videotape yourself doing something crazy on your GoPro, you can simply pull out your iPhone, go to the GoPro app, and watch it. If you like the video, you can copy it over to your phone’s storage, and if you really like it, you can now easily upload this content to social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here’s the complete list of changes included in update 2.0:

– View photos and play back videos
– Copy photos and videos to a GoPro album on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
– Share the photos and videos copied to your device via email, text, Instagram, Facebook® or other app
– Browse and delete files on the camera’s memory card

This move should really beef up the amount of GoPro videos we see on social sites, thus giving even more attention to the already popular product. You can watch the below to see how it all works. (And to see some girls surfing)

If you have a GoPro, make sure you have the latest firmware installed and download the new app here.

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