Google Voice Finally Updated For iPhone 5, Still “Meh”

Google Voice, Google’s free phone number service, has finally been updated to support the iPhone 5’s four-inch display. Google Voice gives users a secondary phone number that they can use to send text messages for free and they can use the provided phone number to forward calls to multiple existing phone numbers. The Google Voice iOS app allows users to send and receive texts and additionally manage their voicemail inbox.

Even though the app has finally been updated for the iPhone 5’s screen, the rest of the app remains the same. Google has been actively updating Google Voice’s web client with new UI changes to match the rest of Google’s app lineup. Google Voice’s UI is still pretty ugly, as it leaves iOS users with the same old Google design scheme.

As someone who uses Google Voice daily, I really hope that Google completely refreshes the app’s user interface in an updated version of Google Voice. The service, on the other hand, is really a winner. Between Google Voice and the addition of iMessage with iOS 5, I’ve been able to completely cut my text messaging plan.

Image Credit: iMore

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