Google+ update brings hangouts to iPhone

When Google+ for iPhone launched, we were pretty amped on it, but noted the obvious lack of Hangouts. We felt that Hangouts was one of the most alluring features Google+ had going for it, and was a solid reason to want to migrate from Facebook.

That is no longer an issue any more as the latest update of Google+ introduces Hangouts to iPhone users! The update allows you to join Hangouts already in session, though it appears there isn’t a way to start one yet.

This isn’t the biggest issue ever, unless you want a hangout filled with iPhone users. You’ll need to have someone at a computer start this hangout for you, then you and your 7 mobile companions can join up and vid chat until you are blue in the face.

Since they seem to be taking our advice seriously (/sarcasm) we’d like to also propose that Google let us access our Huddles, which have now been renamed to Google Messages, from our computers. We are used to Google fragmenting things within their mobile sect (see Android) but fragmenting a social network just feels dirty. Let’s get all of our features across all of our platforms, eh?

That pretty much sums up the new stuff, and honestly, I’m pretty stoked on the app now. Kudos to Google for getting this to us pretty swiftly. It’s hella frustrating that Facebook hasn’t done the same, nor Skype allowed us to call our Facebook friends from their app. For that Google, you get a +1.

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