Google stole Apple’s thunder in the TV market

Wait long enough and someone’s going to pass you by, it doesn’t matter if you’re better, or if you have a newer concept, the first to market tends to win, and historically it’s been Apple. But this time it was Google making an announcement before there was even rumours about an upcoming Apple product.

Google’s bringing Android to the TV and along with that comes Android apps. Yup, you heard us right, Android application will be able to run natively on your beautiful 1080p television. We’ve heard small rumbling from analysts about Apple turning the AppleTV into a more integrated system in your living room, but it was all speculation. Google’s pretty much made it a reality before Apple’s even tossed us a bone. This is bad for Apple, but excellent for consumers.

Apple and Google have had a long standing feud ongoing, and we’d be willing to bet that Google just lit a fire under Apple’s rear. Steve Jobs doesn’t like being left out on new markets, and if he’s confident that they can release a stronger product, coupled with the AppStore, we may now see it sooner then they had originally planned.

It’s probably not going to be the “one more thing” announced at the upcoming WWDC, but you can bet your last dollar that Steve Jobs will have kicked production up a notch. Or, maybe they’ll just abandon it altogether, who knows.

But let’s hope the user interface isn’t designed by Google engineers. Graphic designers, engineers do not make.

Article Via Techcrunch

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