Google Nexus Q Announced

Today Google has announced a new Android-powered set-top box that goes by the name “Nexus Q”. Google has said that this product is the “first social streaming media player”. The Nexus Q will allow users to stream music, movies and other content from various sources such as YouTube and Google Play. The Nexus Q is also supposed to have a social function that allows anyone in the same room with a compatible Android device to stream content to the Q. Finally, the Nexus Q has a built-in 25W amplifier. While this may be useless to audiophiles, it can power a set of basic bookshelf speakers.

Google has also announced two accessories alongside the Nexus Q: the Triad Bookshelf Speakers ($399) as well as a set of overpriced audio cables ($49).

Google has said that the Nexus Q will retail for $299 via Google Play. Personally, I think it’s crazy of Google to charge $299 for the Nexus Q if they’re aiming to compete with the $99 Apple TV. The Nexus Q will ship in two to three weeks.

Source: Google Play via The Verge
Image Credit: Google

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