Google Launches $35 Chromecast, An Incredibly Easy Way To Stream Media To TV

If you’re a human being, odds are you have some device in your house that can stream Netflix to your TV. In fact, odds are you have two, three or four. But Google wants you to buy another, and they offer a compelling proposition. For $35, you can buy today’s newly announced Chromecast, a two inch device that plugs straight into your TV’s HDMI port.

The tiny device connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and is powered by a modified Chrome OS. Instead of controlling the device with a remote control, you use your mobile device to select which content you want to stream. Simply load up a video on Netflix or Youtube on your phone or tablet, and you can then make it show up over on your TV.

The TV isn’t simply projecting the content that’s being played on the mobile device either. The Chromecast does all the heavy lifting when it comes to playing the video, the mobile device just tells it what it wants to play.

The device works on iOS as well, as long as the content being played is from a supported app such as Youtube or Netflix.

If all you want your media center to do is play Netflix and Youtube, the cheap price and super small profile of the Chromecast make it something you definetely want to look into.

Buy it here on the Google Play store. (Currently only available to U.S. customers)

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