Google+ for iOS finally available in the App Store

It’s finally happened! Google+ for iOS has dropped, making sharing things to your stream a whole lot easier! The much anticipated app was teased by Google employees over the last couple of weeks, and we’ve all been on edge for Apple to get it through the review process.

You can grab it now via iTunes and the App Store, but hurry, or all of your friends will have it first!

The iOS installment of Google+ brings with it all of your Circles, which allow you to filter your incoming content, as well as share to specific groups of contacts. Also making an appearance is the Huddle feature.  Huddle allows you to create on the fly group messages with super hero speed!

Sadly, there is no Google Hangouts, which isn’t that big of a surprise since the feature is missing from Android as well.

You, of course, can expect a full review from us shortly!

Source: @rbukovansky

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