Google Hires Well Known Chrome Leaker François Beaufort

Google has hired François Beaufort, a well known Google Chrome feature leaker. Previously, Beaufort has found numerous leaks in Google’s Chrome web browser and Chrome OS operating system throughout the past six months including finding the Chromebook Pixel’s codename and providing evidence that Google Now is coming to the desktop. As of today, Beaufort is the open-source Chromium evangelist at Google according to his Google+ profile.

While Beaufort has posted on his Google+ profile that he will still be providing news on upcoming Google projects as well as updates on the “Chrome team and its culture.”, we’re doubtful that he will leak future Chrome features to the public anytime soon, unless Google wants him to. However, since almost all future Chrome features are first tested in Chromium releases, someone else who has time and experience may come along to find and publish Chrome leaks.

Other than just leaking Google Chrome features to the public, Beaufort is a major Google Chrome enthusiast and evangelist. This makes him the perfect fit to join the open-source Chromium team. Google hiring Beaufort will also help the company keep some of its not-so-secret secrets stay within its development team a little bit longer.

Image Source: slgckgc

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