Google Glass To Get Native GPS And SMS Support

Google Glass may turn out being just as functional when paired with an iPhone as it is when paired with an Android. Google has told Tech Crunch, that text messaging and navigation support for Glass, currently Android exclusives, will soon make their way to iPhone users, as well as for users of any other type of phone.

Currently, Glass requires the MyGlass companion app for Android in order to use navigation and text messages. This is because Glass itself doesn’t include its own GPS, or even its own data connection for that matter. The device instead pairs up with a phone to in order to use these features. Currently Glass is able to connect to an iPhone to connect to the internet, but not to use its GPS or SMS.

In Tech Crunch’s report, it’s unclear just exactly how GPS and texting will become “independent of the device the user has paired to it.” It seems as though in the future, Glass will no longer require the companion app for GPS and texting and that this information will be integrated right into the Glass device itself. Whether this will be able to be done with a firmware upgrade, or whether Google’s simply referring to a future non-early model of Glass is uncertain.

At the end of the day, however, Glass is still $1,500. Once that price loses a digit or two in a decade or so, I’ll be ready to start listening.

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