Google Extends Free Gmail Calling Through 2013

Google has just announced that it will be extending its free Gmail phone calls through 2013 in Canada and the United States. This is the third year that Google has offered the free calling service that can be used to make free calls to any phone in Canada and the United States regardless of the recipient’s carrier or phone service.

If you’re unaware, these free calls can be placed within the Gmail web client. If you’d like to place a free call, click on the small phone button that is located towards the lower left-hand side of the Gmail window. When you click on this button, a small popup window will appear towards the right-hand corner of the Gmail window. In this popup, you’ll see a number pad that you can use to dial and place phone calls.

Gmail will use your Mac or PC’s default mic and speaker when placing a call. If you have a Google Voice account, all calls sent will be sent via your free Google Voice number. If you would like to place calls to a recipient outside of the United States or Canada, you’ll have to pay a per minute fee.

Happy calling!

Image Credit: Oneras

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