Google Chromecast Gets Music Streaming With Added Pandora Support

If you’ve picked up Google’s cool little Chromecast, you’ll now have the popular Internet radio service Pandora as another app you can use with it.

Pandora has updated its iOS and Android apps to include a “Cast” button. Tap this button and whatever funky tunes you’re listening to will begin to play from your TV’s speakers. While not everyone might want to use their TV as a music player, it’s still a nice option for Chromecast, which up until now, had only YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus support.

Expect to see an update for Pandora hit the App Store at some point later today. At first you’ll have to use an iPhone if you want to use the new feature, as Pandora says iPad support is coming soon.

If you don’t own a Chromecast, you can buy one from Amazon.

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