Want the Google+ app on iPad or iPod touch? There’s now a workaround!

So…   Google has been granted App Store approval for the official Google+ app for iPhone, and it’s a welcome addition to my ever-expanding desire to part ways with Facebook.

One thing that was rather annoying is that you couldn’t get the Google+ app on the iPad or iPod touch. A clever workaround has been discovered though, and you can now install it to the iDevice of your choice!

A clever Redmond Pie reader figured out this workaround, and it’s actually really simple. The procedure basically involves downloading the iPhone Configuration Utility to manually install the application onto the device.

The iPhone Configuration Utility was initially launched by Apple as a business tool to manage provisioning profiles and restrict / install applications on business owned devices. To take advantage of this workaround you simply download the app to your computer through iTunes and install it onto your iPad using the Applications tab of the iPhone Configuration Utility.

Be sure to check out our review of Google+ for iPhone to see if you even want to install this app on your iPad, then you can hop over to Redmond Pie for the full tutorial. Tis process is pretty straightforward and can be considered fairly safe.

Source: Redmond Pie

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