Google Announces the Nexus One. Stock prices drop.

After months of speculation about the Nexus One, Google finally got around to making an official announcement today; letting the public in on what’s in the device and how they plan on competing with the iPhone.

They’re not just competing with the iPhone today, it also seems as if stocks took a bit of a drop after the announcement of the device, much like Apple after their keynotes. It could be a simple case of selling high, or stockholders feeling let down by the announcement, either way, the Nexus One has us thinking a little bit.

It’s about to get nerdy for a second

The device has a 1GHZ Snapdragon CPU from Qualcomm, 512MB of RAM, 480×800 touchscreen, light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, HSPA-capable GSM chip, wifi, and a microSD slot.

None of that interest you? Yeah, it didn’t for us either. Sounds a little bit like more of the same. But, where the Nexus One stood out from the crowd is the camera. It has a 5MP camera with an LED flash. That’s something that the iPhone severely lacks.

That’s probably all we can comment on considering we’ve, and most of the internet, have yet to touch one. It’s also not available in Canada, so it’ll probably be a while before I even get to play with one. That makes me sad.

I’m curious to see what Apple might be announcing at their upcoming event, or at CES. Hopefully it’s also not more of the same.  If you want a full review of the phone from someone who got to actually play with one, check out this Engadget post.

Watch the Keynote

See a comparison of the phones, aka “how it’s more of the same”

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