Good News! You Can Swap Out The CPU On The New Mac Pros

If you’re planning to drop some serious cash on a new Mac Pro, you’ll definitely want to know which parts and components you’re going to be able to switch out and upgrade in the future.

Good news! Other World Computing, who already have their hands on the new Mac Pro, have confirmed that the computer’s Intel Xeon E5 CPU is removable and replaceable. This means that when ordering a new Mac Pro, customers won’t have to be too concerned with upgrading their CPU, which can cost an additional $500 to $3500 depending on the option chosen. Instead, customers can just save some money by choosing the baseline CPU, and then they can upgrade it at a later date if they find they need more power or after CPU prices go down.

Apple’s shiny beast of a trash can continues to get more and more compelling. Order one here.

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