Gold iPhone 5S Availability The Target Of New Conan Video


If you’ve been waiting for the gold iPhone 5S to come back in stock before you buy your new phone, this funny new Conan video will remind you that you’re making the right choice.

The video makes fun of the demand and availability for the gold iPhone 5S, and does so in traditional Apple video style. The ad focuses on Raffi, who just doesn’t want anything besides a golden iPhone 5S.

If you haven’t already seen, this is actually the second gold iPhone 5S themed video that Conan has created this month.

For those trying to get their hands on a gold 5S, delivery times for on-contract versions are now showing as taking over a month to ship. You’ll have to want a gold 5S just as much as Raffi if you want to hold out that long just for that color.

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