Gmail Now Lets You Send Monstrously Large Attachments

Google just flipped the RIAA the bird. You can probably queue up the lawsuit now. A new Gmail update, and integration with Google Drive, now lets users send attachments up to 10GB in size to friends and family across email. Instead of manually attaching images to an email, users can now add files directly from Google Drive.

How do you do it?

  1. Click the button that says ‘Insert files using Drive’ from directly in the compose box.
  2. Click Send.

Kidding aside about the piracy, this is a pretty amazing addition to Gmail. While apps like Sparrow included similar integrations with Dropbox earlier this year, more people use Gmail. Sending home videos of my daughter to her grandparents just got a lot easier. There’s nothing worse than sending off a video from my phone only to have it be too large or long to send directly.

Hopefully we see something similar happen with iCloud in the near future. Until then, it’s all Gmail for me.

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