Get your very own bamboo keyboard on Kickstarter


We know that many of you are into simple, nature-based design. Electronics don’t often fall into that category, so the iZen bamboo keyboard is fairly unique.

Here’s what Robin Behrstock, the designer of the keyboard, has to say about the product:

Hand-made out of 92% bamboo, this keyboard is renewable, recyclable, and won’t pile up in landfills. It works wirelessly with iPads, iPhones, Macs, Androids, tablet PCs, smart phones, and many other Bluetooth-enabled devices. And let’s face it, it’s gorgeous! We self funded the first round of production which just hit the internet and local stores. After only a couple weeks, we are already almost out of inventory and we need your help to fund our next round of production!

While I find the “eco-friendly” aspect to be slightly pretentious, I can’t argue about how cool the keyboard looks. If you want to get your very own bamboo keyboard, you’re going to need to drop $85 USD. If you pledge $100, you’ll also get a snazzy matching bamboo iPad stand. As of publication of this article, this project has raised just under $3,000 of its $18,000 USD goal. That’s pretty great considering it still has 25 days left to fund the project.


So, what do you think about this bamboo keyboard? Would you like to see more non-traditional electronics showcased here at Macgasm? Sound off in the comment section below this post.


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