Get A Sense For Apple’s Massive Spaceship Campus With This New Model

You probably have heard by now of the “Spaceship Campus” that Apple is planning to build. If not, it’s a massive company headquarters that the company is planning to create as its new central offices. Also, it looks kind of like a spaceship.

While construction of the new buildings has yet to begin as it continues to wait city council approval, we can get a good sense of what it will look like thanks to these new pictures from The Mercury News showing a model of the campus.

As seen in the model, the campus includes the main spaceship building with curved glass windows and polished concrete ceilings, several auxiliary buildings, a massive parking structure topped with solar panels, an underground parking lot, and a huge number of trees. In addition to the main working area, the plans include an auditorium for events, a fitness center, and additional space for research and development.

Apple plans to later expand the campus’s capacity with new buildings shown below.

Dai Sugano

If you’re interested, we recommend you head over to The Mercury News‘s full photo gallery which has several more detailed pictures in high quality. They’re definitely worth a look.

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