German Surgeons Completes First Liver Surgery Using Augmented Reality iPad App

Surgeons in Bremen, Germany were able to complete a surgery using an augmented reality application on the iPad. The software used on the iPad during the surgery was developed by Fraunhofer MEVIS. The surgeons reportedly took photos of the patient’s liver with the iPad’s camera and used an app to construct an augmented reality overlay of the body part. This overlay was used to show where tumors, blood vessels, and other important things were that are contained in the body part. Because of this, surgeons were able to see inside of the Liver before even making a cut.

According to¬†AppleInsider, the group liked using the iPad and is looking into using it for more than just the liver. The publication has also stated that the iPad could be used to help in working with tumors in the pancreas. However, this is the first time surgery like this has been completed, so it’ll likely be a little while before this becomes the norm when getting sliced open.

Image Source: Reuters

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