Gandalf Wants You To Buy A Windows Phone 8

If you’re currently debating which smartphone you should buy next, why don’t you let Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins sway you over to the Windows Phone side? Microsoft is reportedly teaming up with marketing company Wunderman to create an advertising campaign featuring Lord of the Rings characters that includes the likes of Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf.

The deal reportedly allows Microsoft to create “digital, press and outdoor materials” in the countries of USA, France, Germany and the UK. The marketing will co-incide with the new Lord of the Rings movie “The Hobbit” that hits theaters December 13th.

It is still unknown as to how exactly the ads will be done, but we can only hope that the characters will retain some form of their dignity. Microsoft is currently running ads that show how certain celebrities make the most of their Windows Phone.

If Gandalf shows himself sending annoying YouTube videos to his enemies and writing reminders in his phone’s calendar, I may decide to leave this planet.

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