Foxconn Patents Its Very Own Nifty iPod Nano Watchband

There are a lot of watchbands for the iPod nano on the market. We’re partial to the Deckster, but, honestly, we’re pretty much up for any cool nano watchband we can get our hands on at this point. It seems like Foxconn is looking to get its hands dirty with its own iPod nano watchband. Patents uncovered by Patently Apple reveal a watchband designed by Apple’s manufacturing partner.

Jack Purcher, for Patently Apple:

In Hon Hai’s patent FIG. 1 shown below we see an electronic apparatus (10) illustrating a holder (100) and an electronic device (200) mounted to the holder. Hon Hai states that the “electronic device may be a handheld electronic device for example a mini music player such as IPOD nano,” which may function as a watch. Hon Hai states that the band 110 will be made of an elastic material.

The interesting part is that the watchband comes with a semi-hidden compartment that lets consumers hide their headphones in the watch. That’s something we can absolutely get behind. It’s hard enough using the nano as an iPod while it’s attached to your wrist as it is, without bluetooth capabilities, but with this nifty headphone compartment, your headphones will be handy at all times. Neat little idea.

Source and Image Credit: Patently Apple

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