joins the ‘cannot watch list’ on Google TV

How’s that TV thingy working out for you, Google? Enjoying your hobby as much as Apple? Today, of course, Apple announced whatever it is that they’re going to announce about that thing with something or other, and no matter what it is, it’s another tent pole in the ground securing the iTunes ecosystem firmly in place. With that kind of leverage comes the power to make content deals with just about anyone, and Apple’s strategy is paying off, as joins the list of major networks that are blocking access to free web content via Google TV devices. So no more Glee for you!

So what networks can you watch for free on Google TV? GTVHub has a dwindling list, consisting of Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, Bravo, PBS, USA Network, and Spike. Google TV has yet to launch internationally, so only US channels are listed.

All kidding aside, is it really a surprise? Networks are scrambling to try to make money, and their traditional method of doing so is slowly being eroded by the likes of Apple TV, Netflix, Boxee and Google TV. I think we’ll see many other attempts and failures before we have a clear winner in the streaming TV space. By keeping Apple TV in ‘hobby’ status, Apple has avoided overplaying their hand.

Article Via GTVHub
Photo Credit: Wired

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