Four Armed Robbers Tracked Down Thanks To iPhone

Four armed robbers were tracked down and arrested in Springfield, Mass., Wednesday night thanks to a stolen iPhone. The four masked robbers entered into the Ambis convenience store wearing masks and carrying guns. The robbers took money, cigarettes, a laptop, and regrettably, an iPhone.

The iPhone, which probably belonged to the cashier or a customer, had a GPS app on it (likely Find My iPhone) that allowed police to quickly track where the criminals were located. Police found the robbers cooped up in a house half a mile from the store and promptly arrested them. One of the four attempted to escape out the back door; however, he was stopped by state police dogs.

Twenty-tw0 year old Jennifer Brown, 26 year old Jonathan Lopez, 20 year old Misael Lebron and 22 year old Kyle Randolph now face armed robbery and various other weapon charges.

Pro-tip to criminals: iPhones have a power button.

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