Former Apple TV Engineer: ‘Those New Apple TV Designs Were Tossed Out 5 Years Ago’

An interesting tweet by Michael Margolis, a former Apple TV engineer at Apple Inc., popped up in our Twitter feed this evening, and we thought it was worth passing on. According to Margolis, the new Apple TV UI was not only on the table at Apple years ago, but Steve Jobs alledgedly shot it down because he didn’t like it at the time.

If true, and it sounds like Margolis would know, it certainly has me raising an eyebrow or two. The new Apple TV UI has been critcised fairly heavily since its release. You wouldn’t be alone if you thought that the Apple TV hopped into a Time Machine and brought back Web 2.0 and all of its shiny button goodness to 2012.

The question now is, who’s calling the UI shots at Apple these days? Are things slipping a little bit?

Hat tip to Techpun for sending this one in to us!

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