Ford And Chevrolet Connecting iPhone Map Apps To Dashboard Displays

Nowadays more and more people are opting for cheaper apps and smartphone map apps to get around, rather than spending hundreds of dollars on in-dash navigation systems. The only problem is when navigating with a smartphone when you’re in the car by yourself , it can be tricky and dangerous unless you have someone to read out the directions to you. A better option would be a way to connect smartphones to the car’s larger, built-in display and sound system. Well, Ford and Chevrolet have done just that, according to the New York Times.

Ford has partnered up with Telenav, a navigation company, to allow Telenav’s Scout software to run on compatible vehicles that have Ford’s Sync system and software called Applink. Car Connect, a $25-a-year app, lets drivers connect their Android devices to the dash. An iPhone version is on its way.

With this system, drivers can display their maps on the car’s screen, use hands-free voice commands and hear directions through the car’s sound system. Traffic information, red light camera warnings, and speed trap alerts are also included.

Similarly, Chevrolet’s new 2013 Spark is the company’s first vehicle to offer a feature like this. Spark’s MyLink program just needs a $50 app that owners can download on their iPhone or Android device. The app, called BringGo, was tested in New York City traffic and was able to navigate and provide directions easily through different boroughs and was also able to reroute when the driver made a wrong turn.

Telenav, which supplies the maps for Ford’s $800 built-in navigation option, says there will still be a market for all-in-one in-dash solutions but as apps become a more popular alternative, automakers may have to consider solutions like Ford and Chevrolet have.

Source: The New York Times via TUAW
Image Credit: Popular Mechanics

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