Flight Control lands on the Mac

One of the interesting announcements yesterday was that Apple was bringing the App Store to the Mac. This has a whole bunch of implications and I have mixed feelings about it all — but that’s another post. The interesting news is that Firemint, the legends behind Flight Control (and Real Racing) have already announced that they are bringing Flight Control to the Mac.

This is an exciting announcement in terms of how some developers view the store being brought to the mac. Will we see other app developers following their lead?

For me, there was something magical about the first time I discovered Flight Control on the iPhone (and again on the iPad) and you actually knew this was designed exactly for that touch platform. I remember showing a friend and they were completely amazed and addicted to it within the first few landed planes. They bought it for their touch right away and immediately became competitive. I think a huge part of the appeal is in the way you use your fingers to guide in the planes. It is such an intimate way to control them. So amazing was this new way to play that it spawned a huge area of copy cat games, some just as amazing as Flight Control. I’m not sure if the Mac version, lacking the touch interaction, will be able to compare.

For me, I now see my iPhone as my little gaming device — and to some extent my iPad, and that’s where these types of games will stay. I’m curious to see if they can make the transition to the Mac, but I think I’m leaving my iMac for the big boy games, and my casuals will stay on my portable devices. But hey — don’t quote me.

Article Via theappleblog.com

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