Flight Control HD for Mac via Steam

Firemint seems determined to take the world by storm with their Flight Control game. This is a highly popular and well-loved game in which you have to safely pilot airplanes (by drawing a path) to the correct landing strips. Check out our review of the game for more details.

Flight Control first made its appearance on our iPhones, then iPads, and now Firemint is announcing that it will come to the Mac via Steam, which delivers a range of games straight to computer desktops. We are expecting this to happen by the end of the month.

Steam is a luxury that PC users had for ages, The Mac community finally got in on Steam, and they are adding titles for the Mac all the time.

From Firemint’s blog:

“The Steam version of Flight Control HD will feature a brand-new, exclusive map. The new “Stunt Flying” map will introduce an exciting new gameplay element, where you can score extra points for flying through a course of stunt cones before landing. This adds a new challenge to the much-loved and insanely addictive gameplay first made famous by the worldwide iPhone hit that has now been downloaded more than 3 million times.

Flight Control HD for Steam will also feature Steam achievements and leaderboards, and will be available world-wide.”

No pricing or system requirements have been released yet. Firemint is adding more to the game and the stunt flying looks like an interesting addition. I have been using Steam for the Civilisation style games, and other games that I don’t find very playable on the iPad, where my Mac screen and mouse makes a real difference to my gaming experience. Personally, I am really happy with the way Flight Control plays on the iPhone and iPad, and I’m not sure I will add this to my arsenal of games, but if you go for it, we’d love to hear what you think. Having said that, Stunt flying looks pretty sweet.

Article Via MacStories

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