UPDATED: Flickpad HD not free all day today

Flickpad HD not free all day today

So, we misread an email, and in doing so, misread the date the app would be free. We told a bunch of you that the application would be free today, when in reality it wasn’t.  Here’s the back story. I got the email on the 6th at 11:00 AM, and assumed that tomorrow meant the 7th, when in reality it meant the 6th (Yesterday!!).

The irony is that I’ve been using Lion, and asked on Twitter if people were having problems with mail delivery in Mail.app, especially mail from the past not making it to the inbox until way later than it was delivered.

Anyway, there’s no excuse for the mistake, and we learned a valuable lesson (read the subject line in its entirety). We apologize deeply for the inconvenience. If you want to see the snafu, we’ve left it attached below.

Joshua Schnell

Old Post, with all the stupidity

Do you hang out with photogeeks? If you do, there’s probably a great chance that you also spend a lot of time on Facebook and Flickr looking through all of those photos in your timeline. If that sounds like something you do, you should checkout Flickpad HD, it will be free on the App Store tomorrow.

The application lets you browse photos with ease from both services, a flick of a photo takes you to the next one. Heck, you can even search Flickr by keyword, post comments and photos, as well as email photos to friends from directly within the application.

The app currently sells for $2.99 (it’s worth it), but as of tomorrow the application will be free on the App Store for 24 hours. We recommend checking it out at the $2.99 price, but if you’re looking to save a buck, just wait until tomorrow.

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