First Ever Apple Reseller ‘FirstTech’ To Close Its Doors After 37 Years Of Business

The world’s first official reseller of Apple products, FirstTech, will permanently close¬†this month.

If you wanted to be the one of the first people to ever buy an Apple computer in stores, you would have gone to FirstTech. (Although, at this time back in the late 70s, the store was still called Team Electronics.) This Minneapolis based electronics store was the very first to sign a deal with the then young Apple, who had until this time been selling units on its own.

Apple sent out its very first batch of Apple II retail computers to FirstTech in the late 70s, and the store has continued selling Apple products ever since. Now, after 37 years of business, its doors are set to close for good.

FirstTech’s product manager Fred Evans states that large national stores are willing to sell Apple products at such a low cost that they’ll even agree to lose money on them, just as a way of enticing customers to come through their door. FirstTech has found it too difficult to compete.

For those that live in the Minneapolis area, a store closing sale is set to begin today and will last until the store’s final day, March 29th.

If you want to know more about the story, be sure to watch the video below and to check out the original report over on Twin Cities.

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