Firefox faces nasty iFrame exploit

Unfortunately, ThreatPost is reporting that there is a flaw in Mozilla’s Firefox browser that allows malicious websites to fool end users into giving up valuable information by exploiting iFrames to obfuscate URLs. On the up side, Mozilla is well known for taking security very seriously. I’m sure that the core developers are already hard at work trying to develop a fix.

If you’re a Firefox user, please be careful. In any case, I strongly recommend not entering any personal information on any site you don’t trust 100%. Don’t follow links from sketchy websites or comments. Be safe out there.

What do you think about browser security? Are you happy with Mozilla’s track record with vulnerabilities? Do stories like this influence what browser you use? Let us know by sounding off in the comment section of this post, or you can hit me up on Twitter.

Article Via Slashdot

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