Find My Mac added to developer preview of iCloud

find my macThe team working on iCloud has been busy lately. New features seem to be rolling out daily for developers to test, and today, Find my Mac was among those features. Find My Mac works similar to Find My iPhone, which has helped droves of the forgetful and misfortunate find their iDevices.


Developers can now log in to iCloud and use the “Find My” section to not only find their iDevices, but also their Macs. Find My Mac uses Wi-Fi triangulation to fairly accurately discover the location of your computer. This is a requirement due to the Mac’s lack of embedded GPS.

Once you’ve located your Mac using iCloud’s interface, you are presented with a few options to recover your Mac, or at the very least piss off whoever has it. You can play a sound on the Mac to help you locate it if it’s simply misplaced, or you can send a message to the device warning someone who’s taken it of the impending doom about to come their way. Lastly you can also lock or remotely wipe the Mac. Locking the device requires the user to enter a four digit code to unlock the device, rendering it otherwise pretty useless.

Having made damn good use of Find My iPhone when I lost my phone on a roller coaster at Universal Studios, I welcome this new addition. Find My Mac, when launched, will undoubtedly bring with it a slew of crazy stories about recovered Macs.

Got any great recovered device stories? Be sure to hit up the comments and tell us about them!

Source: Apple Insider
Via: MacNN

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